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I’ve removed the “Become a Patron” link from the menu again because I think I might have stumbled upon a solution more elegant than Patreon.

Publishing at least one post every single day at the exact same time is emotionally difficult. Please bear with me.

My blog is currently hosted by StableHost. Their headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona. They have data centers in Phoenix, Arizona; Chicago, Illinois; and Amsterdam, Netherlands. I chose the data center in Phoenix because it’s the nearest to my readers in the Philippines. Of course I want my readers in other parts of the world to have a speedy connection to my blog as well. That’s why I have CloudFlare’s free plan, which as of this writing has 86 data centers around the world.

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I don’t know where that dog is located, but it is really irritating me every time it barks. This is no different from having a noisy dog that keeps on barking inside my room. Maybe you’re wondering why just this dog when there are other dogs in the neighborhood who are also barking as much if not more than this dog? Because of this dog’s proximity to me it is driving me insane. I have tried to procrastinate from dealing with this for weeks now. But I can’t take it anymore. To be fair it is not always noisy, but a day never passed where it is not noisy. Every couple of hours or minutes or every now and then something or someone triggers it to bark continuously and therefore it is noisy for me, and it makes me very unhappy. Just stop it. Please.

I have procrastinated again for a very long time. My VaultPress subscription is suppose to renew for another year on 24 Jun 2016, but I cancelled it yesterday because I can’t afford it anymore. Food and shelter is more important. I will resubscribe as soon as I can. I removed the “Become a Patron” link from my blog’s menu in the past. I added it again just now. I don’t know if it’s possible, but once I earn at least 1,000 USD/mo from my patrons via Patreon then I will be able to write full-time on this blog.

The duller sorts of labour have gone, performed by people in offshore service-centres or by machines. Offices in the rich world’s capitals are packed not with drones filing paperwork or adding up numbers but with clever people working collaboratively.

It wasn’t the stress of being on the fast track that caused my chest to tighten and my heart rate to rise, but the thought of being left behind by those still on it.

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The best thing you can do in order to get started on an idea is simply to just start.

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