I went to Red Lantern at the Solaire Resort & Casino in Parañaque last 16 Apr 2019 for the first time. I went there by myself because the people I invited (Yam, George, and Barbs) weren’t able to join me.

Don’t laugh at me but it was also my first time using the Grab App. I made my credit card as my primary payment method. It was very convenient to go from point A to point B but it was also very expensive for me. I’m just a poor person. You know what I’m saying?

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Italian Sausage Calzone

Italian Sausage Calzone from Domino’s Pizza.

1. I regret eating:

  • One medium box of pizza (Ultimate Meaty Overload), one regular serving of Creamy Carbonara, and one regular serving of Spaghetti Supreme from Greenwich.
  • Four medium boxes of pizza (Super Supreme, Meat Lovers, Cheesy Hawaiian Supreme, and Meaty Hawaiian Supreme Sausage Stuffed Cheesy Crust) and one regular serving of Fettuccine Alfredo from Pizza Hut.
  • Four medium boxes of pizza (Pizza Carbonara, Meatzza, Ham & Cheese, and Cheese Mania), one Italian Sausage Calzone, and one regular serving of Creamy Alfredo Spaghetti from Domino’s Pizza.
  • Four medium boxes of pizza (The Bronx Creamy Mushroom, Brooklyn Spicy Seafood, Manhattan Meatlovers, and #4 Cheese) and two large servings of Chicken Alfredo from Yellow Cab Pizza Co.
  • An entire Super Slam Pepperoni Pizza (18 inches), five pieces of Chicken N Mojos, one platter of Skilletti (spaghetti), one loaf of garlic bread, and 1,500 mL of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar from Shakey’s Pizza.

All these binge eating sessions happened within the last 3 weeks. This is the main reason why I fast for more than 15 hours a day, 5 times a week.

I forgot to take pictures of most of the food because I was too excited to get started with my food adventures.

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Bitch, aren’t you satisfied with what you’re doing when you’re not with your husband? You’re an annoying, unfaithful bitch. I’m minding my own fucking business, and you’re really getting on my nerves already. Fuck you.

What you’re doing is extremely repulsive to me. Your unfaithfulness is extremely despicable. I’ve been drowning my mind on useless shit for quite sometime now so I can’t really express myself fully with words. I spit on your grave, bitch.

You’re a constant reminder of the negative possibilities if I have a wife of my own. Aren’t you fucking satisfied? Why don’t you formally break off your relationship with your husband? Why don’t you just become a prostitute?

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1. Hi. This is fat Bernard, writing. Why is fat Bernard calling himself fat? Well, here’s why. I am usually very strict with what I eat on a daily basis. Sometimes it gets really boring eating the same thing over and over again. So, for the past couple of days, I’ve been binge eating on food that I know I should not be eating.

14 May 2018
• Lechon Kawali with Rice (eatery near my apartment)

15 May 2018
• Grand Breakfast Platter (Gelatofix)
• Corned Beef Pandesal (Starbucks)

16 May 2018 (all from McDonald’s)
• 1-pc. Mushroom Pepper Steak
• McSpaghetti
• Filet-O-Fish
• Crispy Chicken Fillet with Rice
• 2-pc. Spicy Chicken McDo

17 May 2018 (all from McDonald’s)
• Breakfast 2-pc. Chicken with Egg
• 2-pc. Hotcake
• Egg McMuffin
• Hashbrown
• Longganisa with Rice
• Sausage McMuffin with Egg

18 May 2018 (all from Jollibee)
• Pancake Sandwich
• Breakfast Shanghai
• Breakfast Yum Burger
• Breakfast Spicy Chickenjoy
• Breakfast 2-pc. Longganisa
• 2-pc. Pancake

19 May 2018 (all from McDonald’s)
• Cheesy Eggdesal with Ham
• Cheesy Eggdesal with Sausage
• Longgadesal with Egg

20 May 2018 (all from McDonald’s)
• Big Breakfast
• Breakfast 2-pc. Chicken with Egg

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1. Hey, asshole. My interactions with you are always hit or miss. I don’t care if you are superior to me with regards to our line of work. If I don’t like something, I won’t be spending my time on it. I’m only doing the bare minimum. You don’t need to sabotage me. I am already doing that to myself. I am my worst enemy. You don’t need to be so condescending when talking to me. You should just die. If there are no consequences, I will be more than happy to kill you myself.

If you are so tech savvy, why don’t you fucking create the next big thing on the Internet? The next Facebook. The next Twitter. The next Amazon. The next Instagram. The next WhatsApp. The next whatever on the Internet. Why are you still working for less than 2,000 USD a month (probably more like less than 1,000 USD a month)? You could be earning millions or billions of dollars.

Fuck you and your arrogant way of talking to me. Fuck you for mistreating me. Fuck you for all the negative experiences. I know that it’s up to me to decide if I will interpret a situation in a negative, positive, or neutral way. But still. Fuck you.

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