01 Jan 2017

1. Changed Bernard Go from the footer, site title, and title tag to BernardGo.com for consistency.

2. Added the code below to my custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make sure Email Address: doesn’t show up at the top of the subscribe email field.

#jetpack-subscribe-label {
    display: none;

3. Confirmed that Waiting for cdnjs.cloudflare.com… that’s appearing at the bottom left corner of a desktop/laptop web browser isn’t coming directly from Cloudflare or StableHost. But from Thesis / Classic Responsive. Thanks, Pierre.

4. I should probably create a Changelog page for all the changes I make at BernardGo.com.

5. This is what I’m listening to while working on my website. Very relaxing for me. I’ve first encountered this album from Warez-BB.

6. BernardGo.com is of course just bernardgo.com. But I prefer BernardGo.com for now for aesthetic reasons. It’s easier to read, and looks better.

7. One of my coworkers told me that Versace on The Floor by Bruno Mars is applicable to me. That person was right. I can definitely relate. Brings back so many memories.

8. Every time I take a personality test the result is always INFJ. I’ve been wanting to buy the INFJ premium profile for over a year now. I might buy this soon. It costs 32.99 USD.

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