01 Mar 2017


1. I explained the situation to someone with just one word. Maybe this person was not paying attention. Because he told me to explain to him the situation. Well, I just did. In this scenario there’s really nothing much to say except to say what I already said.

2. There are people I encounter who make mistakes but I don’t correct them. Not because I don’t care. But because I’m done being a busybody. But these busybodies are more than willing to correct everything I do or say. I appreciate that. It improves me. I’m just saying that they are so full of themselves. There was a time when these people was using the idiom “patronize” in a totally wrong way. I didn’t say anything. But right now I’m talking about a very specific person. This person was one of them who used this idiom in a wrong way. When I’m not talking to this person, this person will just join a conversation uninvited and project its misdirected understanding of what I’m talking about. This person does not know the context of what I’m talking about. This person does not even bother to comprehend and understand the situation first before opening its mouth. I know what I’m talking about. I know what I’m saying is correct and accurate and precise. But this person just goes in and blabbers on and on. That it should be like this. It should be like that. This person has no idea what it is doing. And I won’t tell it. Yet. Maybe next time. I will point it out. I will let it be aware of what it is doing. I will let it show the big picture. I will let it understand and comprehend the situation. In a nice way.

3. There was a guard yesterday who frisked me. But she didn’t frisked the person behind me. Treated me like a suspect. A criminal. Fuck her.

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