02 Jan 2017

1. Seth Godin is consistent in publishing a post at his blog every single day. I admire that quality. Consistency.

2. I have never used a Chromebook / Chrome OS before. It takes some getting used to. I miss the Home and End keys. I can use Search + Left for Home, and Search + Right for End instead. Or I can use a little less intuitive shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + Up for Home, and Ctrl + Alt + Down for End.

3. The Secure Shell (SSH) connection between my VaultPress account and my SiteGround account is working now. Testing the credentials / running the pre-flight checks would result to PASSED.

4. Changed the default Thesis favicon (which looks like a color scale) to the WordPress.org favicon (gray). The new favicon is more in line with BernardGo.com’s color palette.

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