03 Feb 2017


1. I received a notification yesterday from SiteGround about their new SG Optimizer. They changed the name of their plugin from SG CachePress to SG Optimizer. I deactivated and deleted the Really Simple SSL plugin. And I installed and activated the SG Optimizer plugin. I then activated the Force HTTPS feature of SG Optimizer.

BernardGo.com is currently under SiteGround’s StartUp plan, so I just have Level 1 (Static Cache) of their SuperCacher. When the need arise for me to upgrade to their GrowBig plan, GoGeek plan, or Cloud hosting plans, I will also be able to use Level 2 (Dynamic Cache) and Level 3 (Memcached) of their SuperCacher.

I took some screenshots of the Force HTTPS, but there are currently some typos there that I don’t have the authority to edit. So I deleted those optimized screenshots that I was working on for more than 15 minutes.

2. I acknowledge that when I’m working as an employee in a corporation that there’s a hierarchy that you can’t avoid. For most people that maybe fine. But for me it’s not. I don’t want anyone below or above me. Especially those people above me in the food chain. They think they are so powerful and so great. They think they are so wise and so intelligent. When I say something incorrect, they will immediately correct me, which I appreciate as long as they say it in a nice way. But when they say something incorrect, the general rule is to shut up if the error is negligible or is not of a big deal. You don’t want to get grilled by those people above you when they feel insulted by you correcting them.

That’s why by working towards what I like to do, which is experiencing life and writing about it, I will be able to cut off all the people that are toxic in my life. Most people can be easily cut off. Less reservations. Less leeway. But if I value the relationship, I’ll do my best to reconcile to a degree with those people. But if they keep on violating my standards, I will also cut them off. Anyone can be cut off.

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