04 Dec 2014

I was purchasing some food from someone today. While he was cooking my burgers, I struck up a conversation with him regarding the beautiful woman, who is the daughter of an Internet café owner, across the street.

I told him that the girl is attractive. It’s just that her mother is someone I would definitely avoid. Her mom is verbally abusive. Anyway, the reason I brought this up is because I always pay for things as soon as possible. Because there’s a tendency for me to forget to pay for it if I do it later. So, while chatting with the cook, I can’t remember if I got my change. Before I went away, I asked him if he already gave me my change. He said he gave it to me already. I don’t take what other people say at face value. I always take it with a grain of salt as big as a blue whale.

It is impossible for me to count the money I have in my bag. I didn’t track it this day. Perhaps I was so into our conversation I didn’t pay attention to other things happening around me. Perhaps my lack of sleep due to insomnia is giving me a very short term memory. Perhaps I am having my senior moment. Whatever the reason maybe, I will not let this happen to me again. I could have waited for my change first before striking up a conversation.

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