04 Feb 2017

Hot air balloons

1. I noticed that when I right click on any page on BernardGo.com then click on “View page source”, the usual “Performance optimized by WP Rocket.” isn’t showing at the very bottom. And the HTML file isn’t minified. So I went to cPanel and noticed that the Level 1: Static Cache is turned on. I verified this with SiteGround. And they recommended that it might be better to just stick to one. Either SiteGround’s or WP Rocket’s caching. So I turned off the Level 1: Static Cache of SiteGround. I noticed this conflict because I installed and activated SG Optimizer yesterday.

I was not satisfied with the answer I got from the person whom I talk to at SiteGround. So I asked someone from WP Rocket. Shelley Denise (aka girlie) from WP Rocket reminded me about the article “Can I Use WP Rocket With Siteground’s SuperCacher?

So before I turned on the Level 1: Static Cache again, I tested https://www.bernardgo.com/ at https://tools.pingdom.com/. I used all the locations available.

I tested my site from:

  • Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • New York City, New York, USA
  • San Jose, California, USA
  • Stockholm, Sweden

Load times before the Level 1: Static Cache is on:

Dallas 2.01 s / 1.16 s / 1.17 s / 1.16 s / 1.17 s
Melbourne 1.50 s / 706 ms / 701 ms / 705 ms / 1.08 s
New York City 2.41 s / 1.21 s / 1.26 s / 1.20 s / 1.22 s
San Jose 2.78 s / 2.15 s / 1.49 s / 1.53 s / 1.46 s
Stockholm 1.85 s / 979 ms / 1.02 s / 984 ms / 1.03 s

Load times after the Level 1: Static Cache is on:

Dallas 1.16 s / 1.14 s / 1.15 s / 1.15 s / 1.15 s
Melbourne 696 ms / 831 ms / 697 ms / 692 ms / 692 ms
New York City 1.30 s / 1.25 s / 1.24 s / 1.21 s / 1.32 s
San Jose 1.73 s / 1.45 s / 1.47 s / 1.47 s / 1.45 s
Stockholm 1.01 s / 985 ms / 973 ms / 1.03 s / 1.01 s

Granted that the first load times from the different locations for the “before” is slower because it is the first load and is not cached yet. But on average, turning on the Level 1: Static Cache of SiteGround’s SuperCacher is a little bit faster. So I left it turned on.

After clearing the cache from WP Rocket, purging the OPcache from WP Rocket, preloading the cache from WP Rocket, and purging the complete zone cache from KeyCDN, the “Performance optimized by WP Rocket.” is showing again. The HTML file is also minified again.

I was wrong in blaming the Level 1: Static Cache for this issue. But it’s fixed now.

2. Implemented the instructions at “How to Restrict CDN Traffic to Your Origin Server” and “How to Use X-Pull” with the help of Roger from KeyCDN and Jenna Recktenwald from SiteGround.

3. Implemented Zonereferrers and Origin URL, and disabled Allow Empty Referrer with the help of Andrew from KeyCDN.

4. Verified with Cody from KeyCDN that I should leave the TTL of the Zonealias/CNAME at the default value of 14400.

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