04 Mar 2017

Painted lady

1. Every now and then some disrespectful employees at Mercury Drug serve other customers first even though I was there first.

I even have a ticket to prove that I was there first. These employees should have served me first before serving other customers who came in at a later time. For some reason, I will hold back as much as possible. So I didn’t do anything. Or say anything. I want to maintain the external peace. Even though I’m seething with anger deep inside. I want them to die. What have I done to deserve this? There was this one time when one of their employees was giving me a really bad customer service. So I looked for the branch manager. I told the branch manager about what happened. And I’m pretty sure that he talked to this employee who gave me a bad experience. I didn’t do anything to deserve this. It’s not like I did something to that employee to make her do what she did to me. If I did something worthy of being treated like that then I would accept what she did. But I didn’t. That’s why I called the manager. There are still employees giving me bad customer service on a very consistent basis. But I’m not doing anything. I let it slide. But I don’t have respect for them just as much as they keep on disrespecting me for no valid reason. Fuck them.

2. I already feel that some or most people that I will meet tonight will not be aligned with my standards. I already got a taste of how they treated me in the past. They are the ones waging war with me. Not me. So if they really want war, then that’s what they will get. Fuck them. Fuck the things they did before.

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