05 Jan 2017

1. There’s this company that I applied at last 20 Oct 2016. I passed everything except the final interview. I asked them how many months before I can reapply again. They said I need to wait for six months.

After about two weeks, I checked their Facebook Page. (I don’t have a Facebook account anymore since 2012, but I can still check Facebook Pages.) They were to do the occasional Saturday recruitment event that started at 0900. So I went at around 0915 to ask for feedback. No one was there. So I went home after waiting for about 20 minutes.

Their recruitment might have started at around 1030. If they were going to do that, then they should have posted on their Facebook page that the event is going to start at around 1030, and not 0900. Before I left, the security guard told me to leave my name and my contact number so that when the recruitment people arrived he would just give my contact details to them.

I received a call from them at around 1030. (That’s why I said the recruitment event might have started at around this time.) It was a woman who called me. I didn’t received a feedback because she didn’t know about my application. She just asked if I was applying for a certain position.

After about three weeks from 20 Oct 2016, I emailed one of their people from recruitment / human resource. I asked if perhaps they might reconsider my application. The woman said I need to wait for six months.

So far:

  1. I passed everything except the final interview.
  2. After about two weeks from 20 Oct 2016, I went there to ask for feedback.
  3. After about three weeks from 20 Oct 2016, I emailed them to ask for a reconsideration of my application.

I never bothered them after this.

I went there earlier this morning to settle this need of mine to ask for feedback and constructive criticism from them about the final interview, because I want to reapply after 20 Apr 2017.

The woman who delivered the feedback to me was the same woman who was part of the hiring process when I was there last year. I don’t know if she was the same woman who called me when I left my contact details to the security guard. I don’t know if she was the same woman who I corresponded with via email.

Her behavior towards me was as if I was a stupid slave. I was crystal clear to the receptionist that I was just asking for feedback. I am not asking for reconsideration of my application or for when I can reapply again. These two concerns were established a couple of months ago.

There could be a million reasons why she treated me the way she treated me. Maybe because it was almost lunch time (It was about 1155). Maybe she’s on her period. Maybe she’s going through hard times. Maybe something happened to one of her close relatives. I don’t know. But I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Still, I can’t help but feel the bitter aftertaste that I experienced after spending a couple of minutes with that toxic woman.

When she asked with her rudely brief “Anything else?”, I just looked her in the eye without blinking, and turned my head left and right once. I didn’t even thanked her. I was emotionally triggered. I was enraged. I bit my tongue. If I didn’t, I would have said some nasty things to her face.

It’s not just her being curt with her words. It’s also her condescending tone of voice. Her body language.

The only feedback I got about the final interview was that I didn’t have the necessary qualities for the position I was applying for, according to the operations manager / senior operations manager who interviewed me. When I asked for more specific details, she said she cannot give any.

If I have connections with the multi-billionaire family who owns this company, I would tell them to immediately fire this employee. It doesn’t matter if she is a competent slave. She is not worthy to be there.

2. One of my acquaintances, when I still had a Facebook account, shared the song Gotten by Slash featuring Adam Levine on her wall. I like it. I hope you like it too.

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