06 Apr 2015

1. I was sitting on the left side near the entrance/exit of a jeep. When I am not reading a book, I will just observe my surroundings and do nothing. We were almost taking off when this beautiful girl approached our jeep and sat beside me. She alighted at The Medical City. So for the next 15 minutes I basked myself in her glorious beauty. Petite. Beautiful hair. Beautiful face. Sexy. Smells good. Soft skin. I want to ask for her number, but I did not do it. I don’t want to get into a relationship with her. I just want to get acquainted with her. I have commitment phobia. Still, I should have asked for her number if I want to get to know her. Those naysayers who play their moralistic card with me can mind their own business.

2. To the woman at the bakeshop. I will not hand over the money to you anymore. I will just leave it on the counter. Since that is what you do, that is what I’ll do as well. You’re not even my type.

3. Just because I am younger than you does not mean that you are superior to me. I should not have given the year of my date of birth to you when you asked for it. The way you treat me now and the way you treated me before is different. You hypocrite. When your boss is there you call me Sir or Sir Bernard. But when they are not there you call me Sir or Sir Bernard or Bernard. Stick to one. Afraid of compromising your employment, you always open the door or the gate for me when they are here. But when they are not here, you just sit there with your smartphone and waste your time on Facebook. Where do they get the money to pay for your salary? Is it not from us, the tenants? The double standard with which you treat me is unacceptable.

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