06 Jan 2017

1. Deleted /sitemap.xml from the HTTP version of www.bernardgo.com from my Google Search Console.

2. Added /sitemap.xml to the HTTPS version of www.bernardgo.com from my Google Search Console.

3. I mentioned last 01 Jan 2017 that I changed some parts of my website from Bernard Go to BernardGo.com for consistency. Then why is it that when someone typed bernardgo.com on their address bar then pressed enter, it redirects them to https://www.bernardgo.com? Because www. is not deprecated.

4. My Chromebook restarted itself a couple of minutes ago. When I logged in again, I noticed that websites that have implemented HTTPS using a domain-validated certificate show the usual green padlock with a new addition—the word Secure. The web browser I’m using is Google Chrome since I’m using a Chromebook. The image below may not be applicable to you if you’re using a different web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari).

Secure | HTTPS

5. Changed all the default values from Settings > Media to 0. This will prevent WordPress from generating three image sizes (Thumbnail size, Medium size, and Large size).

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