06 Sep 2015

1. Sometimes when you want something you must not procrastinate, or else that something will disappear forever and never return. The reason I said this is because I was planning to buy some fried rice earlier. I thought to myself that I can just go home first and change clothes before buying some fried rice. But when I went back, it was sold out. People are hungry. What do I expect? There was even a time when I saw a beautiful woman temporarily living in the same building I’m residing. I thought I could procrastinate talking to her. But after a couple of weeks she was gone. She went to another country. I will never see her again. I should have planted some seed in that fertile land before we parted ways. She was beautiful.

2. It is not good to be working at your dream job after graduating from college, Bernard. You must plow through some irrelevant and uninteresting stuff first so that you can appreciate whatever calling you are called for in life. If you went ahead with your dream job right off the bat, how can you possibly appreciate it if you have no point of reference? Because all types of work, regardless of the field, will have boring parts that you would prefer to avoid. At least after going through hell, your dream job will not feel like a job because you enjoy it. It is more like play, and not like work at all. I would like to read and write for the rest of my life in addition to making love with beautiful women, that is if my depression does not pull me towards suicide. It would be nice to make a living just by writing on my own website. I can even have a very flexible schedule, and I will not need someone’s approval to go on leave. I don’t need to win the lottery. I just want to be able to work for myself. Something I can show to other people. Something I own. Something that will redound to my future benefit. If I just know my way through computers, technology, and the Internet, I will create my own website. I will name it BernardGo.com. And I will enjoy making incremental progress. I’m even planning to write about my love affairs. And then rate them. I’ll write about my experiences, food I ate, movies I watched, and making love. I’ll even report to you how much I am earning from my website.

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