07 Feb 2015

1. Unlimited power? What does that mean? Can that possibly mean you can do whatever your heart desire? That’s impossible. Not even multimillionaires and billionaires get everything they want. Bernard, you cannot have it all. It’s not worth pursuing everything anyway. You must decide what you really want. Pursue what’s relevant to you. What’s important to you. You don’t even need many things in life to be happy. You just need what’s essential that makes happiness a reality. Acquiring stuff will not satisfy you in the long run. It can make you anticipate the novelty of acquiring new things. But the excitement wears off after a couple of days. You’ll get excited. You might even be sleepless prior to getting your hands on the object of your desire that makes you an insomniac. After this, you’ll find new ways to get your restless soul preoccupied with unimportant things again. If time and experience teaches you one thing, it is that you will never tire of this never-ending cycle of meaninglessness. You’re trying to find meaning in things that, when you really analyze, is disappointingly empty. Every additional useless possession is like opening a gift which is temptingly attractive, but once opened is reeked with shallowness. How come you keep on doing this to yourself even though you know you are actually sabotaging yourself? Why? The best things in life are not things. They are experiences. Experience it. Then write it down. So other people might see a glimpse of it.

2. I just got home from Shangri-La Plaza. I was able to purchase the Sheaffer 100. Mine is with a glossy black barrel, with a brushed chrome cap featuring a nickel plate trim. The ink I chose is blue, using the Slim Roller Ball II refill, with a medium point grade. This is an amazing pen. Writing is more pleasurable than my Stabilo [email protected] I already love it! The pen itself is made in USA, and the Roller Ball Refill II is made in Germany. Just like my Stabilo. But better. The difference between the two pen’s point grade for my eye is negligible. My Stabilo’s point grade is fine; my Sheaffer’s point grade is medium. But I cannot tell the difference at all. When I compare a medium point grade Stabilo [email protected] with a fine point grade Stabilo [email protected], I can tell the difference. Maybe the point grade system of these two companies are not the same. Because Sheaffer’s medium is like Stabilo’s fine already.

My only problem now with the ink for the Sheaffer is that not all National Book Stores have this type of ink. If I need to purchase one, I need to go to malls like Shangri-La Plaza, TriNoma, SM City North EDSA, or SM Megamall. I tried the National Book Store at SM City Taytay and Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, but they don’t have it. My only concern for now that I noticed immediately, while I am writing this paragraph, is that I need to tighten the body of the pen after writing a couple of sentences. Not really a problem. I don’t want to tighten it too much for fear of destroying the thread that holds the chrome grip to the glossy black barrel. Also, since this is a roller ball refill, it is using a cap to cover the upper portion of the pen. The push-action or twist-action is only applicable to ballpoint refills.

I noticed that most customers I was with when I was at National Book Store at Shangri-La Plaza were speaking in English. And there were many beautiful women as well. My take off was around 3:30 p.m. I got home around 6:30 p.m. The traffic to and from Shangri-La Plaza was heavy. That’s why.

3. No new music at Magic 89.9 on Saturdays. Good.

4. “What wave are you from?” Wave 89.1.

5. Earlier, when I was at National Book Store at Robinsons Cainta, there was this beautiful girl. 9/10. Her height was around 5’6″ or 5’7″. Her legs were flawless. She was wearing short shorts. Beautiful hair, beautiful skin, and beautiful face. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to lick her breasts. I wanted to eat her pussy. I wanted to ejaculate my semen inside her hot and tight vagina. Her age is between 18 to 23. Very hot. I wanted to bury my head between her flawless thighs, while eating her sweet pussy until I make her soaking wet.

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