07 Feb 2017

The Clouds

1. There were two dogs on the street who were barking at me last Monday morning. They were very near to me when they were doing that. Like 12 inches near. If one of these days they try to bite me when I’m not bothering them, I will punch the top of their heads until they die. Motherfucking dogs who have nothing better to do. And for those people trying to be philosophical with me, thinking that it’s not really dogs I’m pertaining to, well, let me tell you that I’m pertaining to real dogs.

This is not some metaphor or whatnot. These are real dogs who are not minding their own business when I’m minding mine. Sometimes it’s not practical, but I really wanna buy a baseball bat made out of solid wood and then have it with me when I’m walking. So that when they try to approach very near to me and attempt to bite me. I will defend myself. Or I’ll just bring my pocket knife with me so that I can slit their throats when they bite me. But I hate seeing blood. So a baseball bat is better. But it’s not nice to bring a baseball bat to the drug store or to the office. So maybe I’ll just use my hands. It may not be one-punch dead, but dead nevertheless. Bringing a pocket knife or any lethal weapon to the office is a terminable offense. And I can’t handle that consequence right now. In the future, yes. But not right now.

2. There are women who I wanna make out with. But it’s only up to that. I don’t wanna be their boyfriend because the cost is too high for me. I need to dedicate a substantial chunk of my life to them. And they will get angry at me, they will leave me, they will be separated from me, they will forget me, they will be ungrateful. It will be good just at the beginning. The beginning. But after sometime problems start to bubble up. A lot of problems that can be avoided if I didn’t get into a romantic relationship with them in the first place. It’s not just below average or average looking women. What I’m saying is also directed to those women whose physical appearance is above average or even extremely attractive. I’d rather spend my time reading, writing, taking pictures, thinking about the trajectory of my life, meditating, evaluating myself, having sex with beautiful women, and doing other stuff that I want to do.

3. I’m living in a studio which is located at the fourth floor of a four-story apartment building. And yet I am disturbed by noisy neighbors who are playing loud music, and by noisy dogs barking on the streets. That’s why one of my main goals is to buy a studio at One Shangri-La Place or somewhere even better. I already have a savings account specifically for this goal. It’s a lofty goal indeed. And it would take me years or even decades to achieve it. But that place will be my headquarters. I will then issue post-dated checks to One Shangri-La Place for the association dues, because most likely by that time I’m not even in the Philippines when I need to pay my bills. I will be in another country. Different countries. I’ll try all the food from around the world. I’ll be an international food blogger. I’ll go to Japan and stay there for about two weeks. Then go to Thailand for two weeks. Then go to France for two weeks. Sweden for two weeks. India for two weeks. And all the other countries with their unique culture and unique food. I’ll just have a laptop, a smartphone, and a camera. Or maybe just a laptop and a smartphone. A smartphone street photographer. I’ll pay cash for my studio at One Shangri-La Plaza. I don’t wanna deal with mortgages and monthly payments. I haven’t done much research yet. I don’t know if I’ll get to keep it “forever” or just for 50 to 60 years. By then I’m dead and all my assets would go to charity.

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