07 Jan 2017

1. I should take care of my health by focusing on three key things: nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

2. I will use ExpressVPN for my laptop and smartphone in the future. It costs 99.95 USD every 12 months. It’s not because I want to access an inaccessible website or service from my location. I just want to encrypt my entire internet connection.

3. I have sore throat right now. I’m gargling BETADINE’s 1% oral antiseptic solution gargle. It reminds me of when I was a child using Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa. The taste is similar.

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa

4. I know that the phrase “All rights reserved” is not necessary. It doesn’t have any legal effect in any jurisdiction anymore. I’m using it because most people are still using it. All the books I have, and new books being published, are still using it. Through persistence of prior practice, this formality is still widely used by most people.

Under the Berne Convention, even “© 2012–2017 BernardGo.com” is not required for me to receive copyright protection. The C inside © stands for copyright.

5. I need a lot of time to be alone. A couple of weeks ago, there was this person at the office who approached me and asked why I’m always alone. I told him that I either avoid noise pollution as much as I can, or I just simply want to be alone.

This person said something along the lines of “That’s what you call isolating yourself.”

He said it in a manner as if I don’t already know the word.

Gee, thanks! I never knew the word “isolation” prior to meeting you.

I’m always open for constant improvements and frequent reminders. That’s why I learn from people wiser and more intelligent than me. I even use other people as mirrors for things I must not do. But do I need to hear what he said? Fuck that.

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