07 Mar 2017


1. Updated WordPress from version 4.7.2 to version 4.7.3.

2. Updated Jetpack from version 4.6 to version 4.7.

3. I feel like there are people who are deliberately trying to trap me to do things I don’t want to do. They are overstepping their boundaries. I will take full responsibility on the consequences of my actions. I will not give in to them. Fuck them. Just thinking about it frustrates me already. I will take all of it as it comes to my life.

4. There was this asshole who was trying to stroke my ego a couple of weeks ago. He thinks he is so intelligent. Fuck him. I saw what he did there. Fuck this sarcastic piece of shit.

5. I was not able to follow my self-imposed schedule last Friday and yesterday. It really fucked up my schedule. I don’t want this to happen anymore. I feel like the reason this happened was because I had four to five orgasms last week, instead of my usual two per week.

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