07 Sep 2015

1. Almost two years ago, my goal was to be promoted at work. I don’t like that goal anymore. It’s not because it’s difficult to be promoted. But because of being promoted in a job I don’t truly love is something that makes me depressed. When I was in elementary and high school, I loved writing poems and essays. When I was in college, I loved writing essays. I wrote my poems and essays on pieces of paper that I would pass around to my classmates in high school. It was mostly about my grades, my experience at school, my experience at the gym, and the beautiful girls at school. I feel like my reading and writing skills are not good enough. I’m very impatient in improving them. James Altucher recently said that it takes about 17 years to be a good writer. I hope I can persist that long.

2. When a temptation is promising something that will make me feel good, more often than not it is something I would regret.

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