08 Feb 2015

1. There’s this restaurant near Robinsons Cainta where they are mainly serving Japanese food. The woman who takes the orders, and then gives those orders to the cooks in the kitchen is, I think, the owner. I’m not sure. I’ll ask her if I go there again. How did she arrive to the decision of serving Japanese food? My imagination is telling me that she was maybe working in Japan in the past. And when she had saved enough money, she went back to the Philippines and used her savings to establish her own Japanese restaurant. I really don’t know the truth yet. I’ll definitely go back there and ask her next week. They are open 24/7. If you want your food delivered to you, the minimum order must be at least ₱200. I don’t know if there’s a charge for the delivery. I think there is. Her customers are mostly the employees from the businesses near her restaurant. If she’s managing the finances of her personal and business accounts wisely, then she’ll not go hungry.

2. The music yesterday from Magic 89.9 transported me back to my nursery, kindergarten, elementary, high school, and college days. Backstreet Boys. Savage Garden. U2. TLC. Spice Girls. Mandy Moore. Janet Jackson. Vanessa Carlton. Mariah Carey. Usher. Craig David. And many others.

3. I noticed a restaurant at the 2nd floor of SM Hypermarket Cainta yesterday. It’s called North Park Noodle House. They had sintra boards with pictures on it on the walls. The one I particularly noticed was the picture of a plate that has their BBQ pork asado, century egg, and jelly fish on it. I love the combination of pork asado, century egg, and jelly fish. When I was young I occasionally eat at Chinese restaurants that served this combination. Very delicious! I can buy the pork asado and century egg from Binondo, Manila, and it will be as good as the ones they serve at Chinese restaurants. But when you buy jelly fish packets at Ongpin, it will not taste as good as the ones they serve at Chinese restaurants. Anyway, I went inside and ordered jasmine rice, BBQ pork asado, and Nanking noodles (it’s like beef ramen with vegetables, wanton, and a generous serving of tender beef). With the Nanking noodles, they gave me 6 options to choose from for the noodles to be used. Whole wheat. Herb. Hong Kong. Empress. Flat Shanghai. Canton. I chose Hong Kong. I just ordered the medium-sized, not the large-sized bowl, since I still have the jasmine rice and BBQ pork asado. The soup from the bowl tasted good. It tasted even better after I added the 3 calamansi the waiter gave me. Since the soup was hot, I looked outside while waiting for my soup to cool down a bit. I was sitting at table 19, which is beside the large, clear windows overlooking the road below. Like any self-respecting man, since I didn’t brought any books with me, I focused my eyes at beautiful women crossing the road. The jasmine rice and BBQ pork asado were above average. Just as expected.

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