08 Feb 2017


I didn’t edit my post yesterday before publishing it. Maybe that’s what I will do going forward. I will just write, and then edit my posts on my rest days.

1. There are people who maintain their externals with utmost care. It’s like watching a Mercedes-Benz commercial. The best or nothing. But if you observe their lives, how they live their everyday lives, they are not really excellent at all. All their “excellence” is focused on the appearance. They want people to respect them because they maintain this certain status quo of having external things sorted out. If you look at their cars it is clean, very clean, or extremely clean. If you look at their hygiene, they are prim and proper. If you look at their soul, they are full of shit. Full of shit. Full of shit. Full of shit. They are full of shit. I don’t want anything to do with them. They might be able to garner “respect” from most people by the way they present themselves to society. But it is all just for show. They want the approval of other people. They want the validation of other people. They are focusing on the wrong things. But who am I to tell them what to do? My plate is full. I just need to live a good live myself, and not be like them. But I can’t help but notice these people, and it frustrates me. One way of looking at it is to just try to evaluate myself in other aspects of my life where I’m doing the exact same thing as them. And work on that instead of getting angry and wasting my time. But I don’t know what to write. That’s why I’m writing about this topic right now because it is very fresh to my memory. And it is being refreshed almost every day.

I just remembered this person who I knew for about 12 years. From 2001 to 2012. This person wants to show me how frugal he is when I’m with him. But he changes his cars every couple of years not because his cars are broken. But because he wants to maintain this appearance that he is keeping with the times. The last time I met him he was still a cog in a wheel. He has a high position in a big corporation. That’s why he can afford to buy stuff he doesn’t need just so he can show off, and get other people admiring his capability to buy the newest and the latest things money can buy. I don’t respect him at all.

2. The 403 error I get for https://cdn.bernardgo.com/wp-content/thesis/skins/classic-r/images/bg-button.png is really annoying me for the past couple of days. And what annoys me even more is that I can’t get help from anyone regarding this. I’ll deal with this again on my rest days. But I’ll give it a stop-loss limit of a couple of hours. Or I’ll use my two rest days just to deal with this insignificant error.

3. I don’t expect other people to respect me. Respect is earned. But there are people who disrespect my time. I will never forget this. And by writing it down it reinforces my disrespect for them for disrespecting my time. How can they be so insensitive? Or should I say obtuse?

4. There was this person who was asking about my verdict. Judgment, adjudication, decision, finding, ruling, decree, resolution, pronouncement, conclusion, opinion, determination. They are synonymous, but why not my decision? Why verdict? Maybe that person has read so many glossy magazines that can be bought from the supermarket that has the word verdict at the end of a product review.

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