08 Mar 2017


1. For some reason the exact same people from Mercury Drug who I felt somehow disrespected me last time was somehow nice to me earlier this morning. I don’t know why.

2. I’ve been wanting to eat crispy pork belly at this eatery near my apartment for months now. But I’m not doing it because there was this one time last year when I ate there, one of the owners who was preparing my crispy pork belly removed some of it from the plate that was going to be for me. He did that in front of me. It would have been better if he added some crispy pork belly than removed some crispy pork belly. That’s one of the reasons I’m not eating there anymore. Another reason is that I fear experiencing food poisoning by eating at eateries.

3. There was this person labeling me as a content writer. I don’t consider myself as a content writer. Just a writer. Is this person happy now pigeonholing me as a content writer? Well, I already pigeonholed this person as an incorrigible asshole.

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