08 Sep 2015

1. When I was confined for about 3 days at Fatima University Medical Center last October 2014, the nurses and doctors there were always asking me if I was with someone or if someone will arrive in my room. I told them that I was alone, and no one will come to visit me. One of the nurses told me that it was her first time to encounter someone very sick going to the hospital by himself, getting confined in the process, and having no one come by to visit. If this is the way I die, then I’m fine with it.

I eat my words sometimes. But for now my resolve not to get tangled in a relationship either by having a girlfriend or a wife is still very strong. I don’t even want to get tangled with things and ideas. I owned as less stuff as I can. Thoughts that are irrelevant to me, I ditch. If I have a girlfriend, I have to dedicate a substantial amount of time to let that relationship grow stronger. If I have a wife, I have to take care of her and our offspring. If I have much stuff, I have to maintain them. If I get stuck with certain thoughts, then I would not improve.

2. The manager of John Robert Powers (JRP) in Quezon City was friendly to me when I met her. She even answers my questions promptly when I text her. The last time I texted her, I was asking about the latest rates for the Personality Development Program. I told her I would pay straight cash for the Level 4 program in the future. She did not reply. I was expecting her to reply to tell me that she would be glad to wait for me to enroll in the future. That’s one of the reasons I’m not focusing on JRP for now. I could have finished the Level 4 program by now. If I do this in the future, I might do it at Makati, not Quezon City.

3. When I shared my plans about enrolling at JRP, some people were telling me why I must not enroll there. They were giving me unsolicited advice. Their feedback I took into account, but they should have not given me a reason to think that they are busybodies. I must admit, I was a notorious busybody before. There was a time when I advised a mother to buy Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. That mother got very angry with me. I’m not like that anymore.

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