09 Aug 2018


Bitch, aren’t you satisfied with what you’re doing when you’re not with your husband? You’re an annoying, unfaithful bitch. I’m minding my own fucking business, and you’re really getting on my nerves already. Fuck you.

What you’re doing is extremely repulsive to me. Your unfaithfulness is extremely despicable. I’ve been drowning my mind on useless shit for quite sometime now so I can’t really express myself fully with words. I spit on your grave, bitch.

You’re a constant reminder of the negative possibilities if I have a wife of my own. Aren’t you fucking satisfied? Why don’t you formally break off your relationship with your husband? Why don’t you just become a prostitute?

Your fucking makeup can’t cover your ugliness from me. A few years from now, you won’t be able to fool anyone anymore. Cosmetics can only do so much to your rotting body. Wrinkles will show up no matter what you do. Your sagging skin cannot be hidden anymore. You can’t compete with younger women in their teens and early twenties. Your fucking time is over. You’re just someone who has been beautiful on the outside for a little while and no more.

It’s pardonable how people grow old. What isn’t pardonable is your fucking behavior. You’re worse than a dog. I suggest for you to just kill yourself. But I don’t think that even ever crossed your bitchy mind.

I’m just really frustrated. Suicidal. Depressed. Even if I don’t feel these things, my judgment of you stays the same. You’re still a bitch anyway.

You could probably earn more money by being a prostitute. I’m not suggesting this so that I can rent your decaying body. I’m suggesting this because you’re a promiscuous woman who can’t get enough stimulation from her husband.

Did you know that when you’re a prostitute, you’ll be able to have sex with different guys every day? Isn’t that what you want, bitch? That’s what you’re doing already anyway. It’s just going to be a change of title.

You can’t stomach being called a prostitute, don’t you? You’re so full of pride just like me. Why don’t you swallow your pride just like you swallow the semen of all the guys you’ve been fucking around, bitch?

Why are you treating me like an idiot? Fuck you! I’m writing this from a position where I wanted to have my own family in the past but not anymore. A beautiful, loving, tender, faithful wife. Witnessing a bitch like you is just a reminder of how blessed I am for not yet being married to a girl.

This is easy. I’m glad I’m not yet married. At the same time, I’m glad I haven’t contracted HIV from all the women I had sex with. I still have many things to write about, bitch. You keep on pointing out my mistakes when I can see your mistakes very clearly. Why don’t you just mind your own business? I don’t care if you’re just being yourself which is being a bitch. Leave me alone. I don’t care if you’re just doing your job. Get lost and just die.

Lots and lots of errors but who cares?

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