09 Dec 2014

The ballpoint pen I’m using right now is the same type and brand of pen I was using when I was still in college. The reason I stopped using this type of pen is because it became really hard to acquire it. But things have changed. Like they always do. Go to any bookstore and that pen is available again.

I don’t know if I’ll stick with this pen. Because I’m also using another pen, a roller ball pen in fact, that writes smoother. This pen is made in Japan. While the roller ball pen I prefer is made in Germany. I’m grateful for both.

With the Japanese pen, I can use both sides of the paper. With the German pen, I can only use one side because it bleeds! In addition to this, the German pen is more expensive. I think I’ll stay with the German pen. It gives me more pleasure when writing. It’s not because it’s more expensive. It’s because the words flows effortlessly when I’m using it.

The only problem with the German pen is that you need to make sure that you protect what you have written from water. The ink is not water resistant. The Japanese pen’s ink is water resistant. As long as what I have written is published or saved as a draft at BernardGo.com then I’m fine if water washes off what I have written.

I just need to make sure that I backup my website. I remembered a backup service company called Code Garage that was acquired by Automattic. One of the founders of that company is the brother of the guy who taught me the basics of internet marketing from 2011 to 2012. For a hefty price of course.

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