09 Mar 2017


1. I’ve met people who are extremely neurotic in using isopropyl alcohol as an antiseptic and a disinfectant.

That’s well and good to avoid getting sick. But these same people should be more concerned with the people they associate with most of the time. They should be more concerned with the recurring thoughts they have. They should be more concerned with the food they eat. They should be more concerned with what they watch, with what they listen to, and with what they read. They should be more concerned with the habits they have.

2. I should buy a small notebook and write during my lunch break. And I should start wearing one of my watches again. The reason I stopped wearing a watch is because some people can’t help themselves but be curious how much my watch costs. That I can let go. What I can’t stomach is when they touch my watch. Why can’t they just appreciate it using their eyes? Why do they need to touch it? Just appreciate my watch from a distance using their eyes without touching it. What if I appreciate an attractive woman’s breasts and touch it?

3. I have seven tabs about KeyCDN opened for the past couple of weeks now. I kept on procrastinating in reading these articles. I have read some of them but the tabs never seem to decrease. Because there are always links I need to open in a new tab. This is a never-ending cycle unless I consciously want to make it stop.

4. Don’t forget the red flags these people are signaling. These red flags are very important to keep in mind in every interaction with them until the day I die. I won’t resist it. But I need to be aware of what is happening in the moment. There are lots of sneaky ways these people get what they want to accomplish their own agendas. My agendas are more important than their agendas.

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