10 Feb 2015

1. I know I must not focus on this. I’m not. I just want to let you know that I woke up yesterday by someone’s callousness. The offender was from another room in the apartment building I’m staying at. After reporting the noise, I used the technique a British novelist suggested to her readers to help insomniacs sleep.

I have tried many techniques to get myself to sleep in the dark watches of the night. This is the only one that really seems to work. Get yourself into the position that you most often sleep in and then go back in time to a house you once lived in…. It doesn’t have to be a house—it can be any memory that you can recall in exact detail. It’s the detail that does it, by distracting you from the swirling thoughts that are rushing round your brain and keeping you awake.

It helped a little. I was able to sleep in spite of the noise that didn’t disappear.

2. I’ll definitely go back to North Park Noodle House. I’ll try their century egg with jelly fish salad, and their ultimate bowl (which, according to them, has everything in it).

3. As hard as it might seem for you to believe that I have a heart, you will soon understand that I have a heart too. I want a Scottish Fold kitten. If it’s a male, I’ll name it Rupert. If it’s a female, I’ll name it Elizabeth. Meow. Meow. Meow. Now you know the future name of my future cat. Please don’t steal my idea though. If you want, you can name yours Diego if it’s a male, or Dora if it’s a female. All right? “But.” No buts. “But Bernard, I want to name my cat as Rupert too!” No, please find another name. “Fine.” Good.

4. If every 1,000 visits = $0.10.
Then 150,000 visits / 1,000 visits = 150 x $0.10 = $15.
Then 150,000,000 visits / 1,000 visits = 150,000 x $0.10 = $15,000.
50,000,000 readers reading your blog 3 times a month is 150,000,000 visits.
Then $15,000 / month x ₱43 = ₱645,000 / month.
Then ₱645,000 / 30 days = ₱21,500 / day.

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