10 Mar 2017


What am I suppose to write? I wasted my rest days worrying about things that are unlikely to happen.

I wasted my rest days watching Train to Busan (2016), Hush (2016), Howl (2015), and Last Passenger (2013). I wasted my rest days watching random YouTube videos. This is what I do when I feel hopeless and suicidal.

I started my rest day by eating one serving of fried squid. I shouldn’t have eaten this but I did. I feel like I won’t be getting any support about my custom archives page from DIYthemes. I don’t know what to do.

I’ve been experiencing insomnia again. Very difficult to fall asleep. So tired. Nothing is coming out of my brain.

I would like to buy a black Logitech M331 SILENT PLUS for my Chromebook. But I want to be as minimalist as possible. I feel like having an extra thing on my desk will make me less of a minimalist. Having a wireless mouse would make my working life so much easier. Dealing with a touchpad is not as good as dealing with a wireless mouse. I really need to get one as soon as possible.

I have successfully avoided the temptation of eating crispy pork belly with rice and Mang Tomas All-Around Sarsa / All-Purpose Sauce at the eatery near my apartment, two pieces of chicken with rice and gravy at McDonald’s, large fries at McDonald’s, and Fish & Fries at McDonald’s. Too many temptations.

Noisy neighbors downstairs. Noisy dogs outside. The weather is getting really hot for the past few days. I don’t know how I will be able to survive this heat without air conditioning in my studio. My air conditioner is eating up my prepaid electricity really fast since it is open most of time when I’m at home. I don’t know what to do. Is it three hundred words already? Because I’m tired and I just wanna lie down on my mattress on the floor.

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