11 Feb 2015

1. You don’t need to be surprised if your trustworthy thing suddenly breaks down. You’re telling me that you didn’t do anything out of the ordinary to warrant its breaking down. “So why did it suddenly stopped working when it was working fine for the past couple of years?” Isn’t it absurd to ask this question? You can’t expect things to last forever. Sometimes things just don’t cooperate with you. You should have known that by now after being alive for so many years. You’ll even blame other people for your stupidity. Blame yourself for not thinking. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing. Even relationships that seems like full of bliss and happiness will come to an end. You’re calling other people inconsiderate for not acknowledging and comprehending your situation when you’re the one who is actually being inconsiderate. Everything that’s born will die. Everything known will be thrown into oblivion by the swift passage of time. Everything is in constant transformation. Everything.

2. Every day, I’m passing by a store that sells cosmetics. They have a new addition to their merchandise—puppies! I don’t know their breed. But regardless of their breed, those 5 puppies are cute. I want to pet all of them.

3. If how you do something is how you do everything, then I am making a big mistake in one part of my life for the past 4 years and 9 months. I’ve been extremely organized and rigid prior to this. Organized with my time. Organized with my finances. Organized with my things. Organized with my room. Organized with my mind. Organized with everything in my life. I thought that I can only be organized if I delegate things that I don’t want to do, and things that are unimportant to me. What are the things that I have always avoided? Doing the laundry. Cooking. Doing the dishes. I’m still doing my own laundry, because I live by myself. I live alone in my apartment. I can afford delegating this to laundry shops, but I don’t have any good experience with them in the past. I’m not saying all of them are the same. They always misplace some of my clothes, and they don’t compensate you for their carelessness. Who will pay for those clothes that were lost or perhaps stolen? And then there’s the smell. They use laundry detergents and fabric conditioners that smells good for most people, but not for me. I don’t like my clothes to smell at all. I don’t even use perfume, because I really don’t like it. I do appreciate the perfume used by beautiful women I make out with though. It makes making love with them more erotic, more pleasurable, and more satisfying. I have totally avoided cooking and doing the dishes. I don’t cook. When I’m hungry, I go out and eat. Since I don’t cook then there’s nothing to clean! Bliss! I don’t even have a single plate in my apartment. Or even a fork. I just have 1 stainless steel teaspoon, 1 mug from Starbucks (16 fl oz / 473 mL), and 6 cups from IKEA. And I don’t have any plans in adding more things than what I already have right now. What will I do with more things? For display? I don’t need it. It’s not about asking yourself what you need to add. It’s all about asking yourself what you need to subtract. Do I really need it? Is this essential? I’ll keep it if it is. If it’s not, I’ll give it away.

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