11 Feb 2017


1. I have mandibular prognathism. I knew this issue ever since I was a very young boy. When I became more concerned about my physical appearance, I knew what I should have done to fix this. But I didn’t have the money to have it fixed. Maybe in the future.

2. I have successfully fixed the 403 error I get for https://cdn.bernardgo.com/wp-content/thesis/skins/classic-r/images/bg-button.png. I just added https://cdn.bernardgo.com to cPanel > Advanced > Hotlink Protection > Configure Hotlink Protection > List the URLs to which you wish to allow access. I have been dealing with this problem for more than a week. What I did was I totally ignored this problem every couple of days. But even I if was ignoring it, this problem was actually making me very frustrated and depressed. Since I gave myself some space and time to contemplate about this problem, I was able to fix it in the end. I really thought I was just gonna leave this problem like this without fixing it. But here I am telling you that it’s all okay now.

3. For the past couple of days and up until now, East Manila Cable, a cable TV and internet company, is installing cables all over our subdivision. I was actually planning to avail their service two years ago. But they told me that they don’t have coverage yet in our area. Now they will finally be able to offer their service to us. But I don’t need them anymore. Because I already am a subscriber of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT). I really want to cancel my subscription with PLDT because of their mediocre service. I’ve emailed them. I’ve called them. I went to their sales and services center a lot of times to update my address. They can’t even do this simple thing correctly. Up until now my address on my paper bill is wrong. That’s why I opted for them to email me my bill instead, even if the address on my eStatement is still wrong. Once Globe Broadband is available in my area, I will definitely cancel my subscription with PLDT.

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