11 Jan 2017

When I started working at Convergys (I’m not working here anymore since January 2016), my second trainer was a lesbian who looks like Jay Z. After working at this company for about four months, she texted that she wants to borrow 6,000–7,000 PHP (121–141 USD), and that she will pay it back in the next payout which was after about two weeks. I can’t remember the exact amount. But it was around the amount I just said.

I lived in Malabon back then. She knew about it. She texted me after my shift. I received her text when I was already in my apartment. She wants me to meet her somewhere in Santa Mesa. This is a district in Manila where she lives. It would take me about two to three hours to reach that place. So I told her to go to Malabon. She doesn’t want to. So I told her to go to Caloocan instead. I met her mother and her at McDonald’s. After handing over the money to her, she reassured me that she will pay back the full amount in the next payout. When the next payout arrived, I was waiting for her to pay me back. I was texting her every two weeks. She kept on stalling for more than six months. I approached the human resource (HR) manager of the site for help in retrieving my money after being fed up with her bullshit. Then she grudgingly made staggered payments extending over another month or two.

What was going on in my mind? Why did I lend her the money in the first place? I thought that if I was in her shoes I would’ve wanted another person to lend me money if I was really in need. I also thought that she was a “reputable” and “professional” person. I ignored my gut instinct. I ignored what I felt was the right thing to do. I gave in to a bully. I was very suicidal during that time, and had a very low self-esteem. She knew about it, because I told her. That’s why she thought I was an easy target.

Well, next time I lend money to someone, I’ll make sure that it’s an amount I’m willing to never see again if in case the other person doesn’t pay me back. I’ll also make sure that it’s someone I respect and trust. Or better yet, not to lend any amount of money to anyone. Peace of mind.

I should not trust someone just because they have a certain position in a certain company. No matter how professional they act at work, they are most of the time full of shit. So many red flags. Pay attention.

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