11 Mar 2017


1. I have to endure these neighbors singing songs using rented videoke/karaoke machines. This should be banned in residential areas. I won’t have to endure this anymore once I have my own studio at One Shangri-La Place or somewhere even better.

2. I should replace all my destructive behaviors with meditation. If I feel binge watching movies and random YouTube videos, then I should meditate. If I feel suicidal, then I should meditate. If I feel binge eating junk food, then I should meditate. If I feel lazy doing things I need to do to move me forward, then I should meditate.

3. The 45-square-meter studio at One Shangri-La Plaza that costs around 7,500,000 PHP (around 150,000 USD) doesn’t include my own parking space yet. The 12.5-square-meter parking space is an additional cost of around 1,500,000 PHP (around 30,000 USD).

4. For some reason I don’t know what to write about. I’m in logical thinking mode right now, and it is very noisy outside, so it is very difficult for me to concentrate. I should really be working hard to be able to afford my own studio at One Shangri-La Place. How many more years should I endure?

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