12 Feb 2015

1. I was waiting for my 5 pieces of pork dumplings when this beautiful woman in school or hospital uniform appeared at the street I was at. She didn’t want to show her face, once she was near me, by covering it with the umbrella she was using. She was on her way to school or work. 8.5/10. I would definitely make out with her.

2. Should you buy Big N’ Tasty burgers from McDonald’s or buy “buy one, get one” burgers from Angel’s Hamburger? Why not both? Sometimes it’s not just the cost, but the convenience and accessibility of the store as well. You can actually buy 10 burgers from Angel’s Hamburger instead of buying 1 Big N’ Tasty from McDonald’s. The quality of the food at McDonald’s is definitely better than Angel’s Hamburger though.

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