12 Feb 2017


1. I should maintain the exact same schedule I have regardless if it is a rest day or a work day. I was not able to do my meditations and visualizations again for the past two rest days.

If I maintain the same schedule I have on my work days and use it also on my rest days, I would have a higher chance of doing the things that are beneficial for me. I would maintain everything consistently seven days a week. It takes more discipline though. And I’m not there yet. It’s not just the meditations and the visualizations. It’s also my caffeine intake. I take it at a specific time during my work days. But for some reason I can’t maintain the same schedule during my rest days. It’s like most, if not all, of my discipline goes out of the window. This really fucks up my body at the start of another week. It makes me guilty for not being disciplined with myself.

2. Nutrition. Sleep. Exercise. I just need to work on my sleep for now. I need about eight hours of sleep each day. If I don’t get at least eight hours of sleep I get depressed. Sometimes really depressed to the point that I have suicidal thoughts and a runny nose. I haven’t been going to the gym since August 2012. Can’t afford to go to a nice gym. Can’t afford to buy gym clothes and rubbershoes. I did have gym clothes and rubbershoes. But I donated them to Caritas Manila, because I thought that I won’t be going to the gym anyway, so it’s useless to have things in my studio that are unnecessary to my life. No regrets at all in donating them. I can improve my sleep right now even if I’m relatively poor as fuck. But once I have a better job in about two to three months from now. I would be able to significantly improve my nutrition and exercise. And maybe my sleep as well.

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