12 Jun 2017


There was this gay guy who was occasionally trying to flirt with me when I was at my previous work from 13 Nov 2013 to 12 Jan 2016.

This person was a floor walker who then became a manager. There was this one time when a transaction was supposed to be credited to me. But he stole it. He used his credentials to tag the transaction as his when in fact it was mine. In retrospect I should have reported him to someone higher in the office. He should have been punished for this. But I didn’t do anything because I let it slide. I let shit that are not important for me in the moment to slide. I have recurring thoughts of sometimes being more conscious and aware about things happening in my life. Should I let it slide or should I make things right?

And then there is this piece of shit who didn’t pay me the remaining balance of 2,500 PHP. This person was also a gay guy who seems to like my body as well.

I’m not saying that I hate gays. It just so happened that these two people were gays. I also hate my previous landlord. He wasn’t gay. He was a straight guy with two sons and a wife and a couple of grandchildren. A very sociable guy who screws over other people with their money. He won’t be able to take my money with him to his grave. But I’m pretty sure he already used it to celebrate his piece of shit of a life on partying and socializing and pretending to be like a stupid Roman emperor living a lavish lifestyle with a lot of slaves under him. I’ve dreamed of publishing his address here so that maybe some of my readers from different parts of the world would assassinate him for me. And then showing me his decapitated head.

I should focus more on the now instead of the future. I want to have a healthy balance of enjoying life every day. Being more and more conscious and aware of my actions every single day. But at the same time slowly but surely establishing a very secure and affluent future for myself. A future where I won’t accept shit from no one. A future where I can cut off all the negative and toxic people from my life. A future where I don’t need to be with people I don’t want to be with. A future where I only deal with people who are uplifting my life with more positivity. A future where I don’t need to endure red tape and bureaucracy.

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