13 Dec 2014

When I was in college, dealing with assignments that has got to do with words and numbers were fairly and relatively easy for me. Right now, I just need to give myself “assignments.” I need to impose it upon myself, because no one will.

My concentration is negatively affected by the loud music coming from the covered court which is about 100 meters from where I’m currently living. I want to convince myself that this is just because they are having a Christmas party. I might need to talk to the people who regulates this subdivision. It wouldn’t surprise me if the people who regulates this subdivision are the ones who made this occasion possible. Or if they didn’t, then it would require their permission first.

I’m tempted to do the laundry later. As if I can escape it. I can’t. Sooner or later I need to do it. I will hire a full time assistant to do my laundry for me in the future as soon as I can afford it. This is repetitive and getting old. I can use my time in something more important.

Remember the backup service company called Code Garage which was acquired by Automattic? It was absorbed and incorporated by Automattic’s VaultPress.

I checked my cPanel. I currently have R1Soft. It backups my website once a day, and gives me the ability to access the backups that were made for the past 14 days.

VaultPress’ Lite plan gives you access to backups for the past 30 days. The Basic plan is better. It gives you access to backups from the time you started the service. It also backups everything in real time. I’ll get the annual Basic plan as soon as I can afford it. They also offer you the Akismet service bundled with the Lite or Basic plan at an additional cost. I don’t need it since I turned off the comment feature on my website. It’s not because I don’t want to receive any feedback. You can always email me at [email protected]

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