13 Feb 2017


1. There’s this person who’s being sarcastic to me earlier this morning. It’s like throwing gasoline to the fire. What this person did will not make me fear him or respect him. It just made the situation worse. Couldn’t care less what happens to him.

2. Eating pussy now while I’m poor versus eating pussy in the future when I’m more financially comfortable. Is there a difference? On one hand, it couldn’t get any better than this. On the other hand, I would be able to eat more pussy.

3. I was not completely satisfied with the service I got last Sunday. When I go there again next month and for future visits, I’ll make sure that the right person is serving me. Some people are just way better in doing their job. Even if I have to wait for 30 minutes or even one hour, I’ll wait. I’ll be patient in waiting because I hate mediocre work. I’m a perfectionist. I’m obsessive and compulsive. I know that there’s always room for improvement in my life. That’s why I never rest on my laurels. I’m never satisfied. Constant improvement is always by my side. It never leaves me. Even if I get lazy and complacent. Constant improvement will, one way or another, find its way in every facet of my life. Fuck mediocrity. Fuck the average life. Life is too short to be normal. Fuck what other people say. Fuck what other people do. Fuck what other people think. I have a path that I’m walking. No one can distract me from my path. Is this path a less traveled path? Definitely a less traveled path. Fuck the norm.

4. I always pass by this restaurant near my apartment. I want to eat there maybe at least once a week on one of my two rest days a week. There was a time when the owner removed some of the Lechon Kawali (crispy pork belly) from the plate that will be served to me while I was watching him prepare it. And I didn’t like what he did. He lost my business somehow by being stingy with his serving. He could have added a little bit more, not removed a little bit here and there, and I would be eating there more than I want to.

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