13 Jul 2017

< ... >,

What have I done wrong? Why are you not replying to me? I already told myself that I will not contact you anymore because you made it clear that you already have a “partner”, a “husband”. The only reason I contacted you is because I want to know the name of the account at < ... >. I don’t wanna go there without first knowing the name of the account so I can research it first. So that I can call them to check if that specific account is still hiring. That’s it. That’s the only reason. You have left a very bitter aftertaste for me by not answering my question through text and through SharePoint. You told me that you will get back to me after asking your friend about it. You told me that and you didn’t deliver. You never replied. All it takes is one sentence. A simple reply will do. But I never received any.
This is very disappointing. You ignored me as if I didn’t exist. I will also ignore you as if you don’t exist. I want to go to < ... > with < ... > to meet the people I used to know that are still there. And I will deliberately ignore you when you call my name. I just don’t want to waste my time doing that though. But if I really force myself I can go there either on a Saturday or a Sunday.

Best regards,
Bernard Go

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