13 Mar 2017


1. It was just a couple of days ago where there were people singing loudly using their rented videoke/karaoke machine. And today there are people again using their rented videoke/karaoke machine.

This time it’s from a different neighbor. They’ve been very noisy since earlier this morning up until now. When will they stop?

2. I know that whatever information comes out of me will never be information that is secure. Once it is written down or shared with other people or just by my behavior, then it will not be a secret anymore. If I want it to be a secret, I should not share it with most people. I should not write and share it here. I should not show it by my behavior. Will people’s ego get satisfied by deriving some sort of psychic power by saying that they know something about me just by the way I behave? Is it purely just by the way I behave? Or is it augmented by the information about me they got either from other people or by reading my blog? Whatever the case maybe, it doesn’t really matter that much in the long run. If they are satisfied with what they are thinking then let them be satisfied. Let them do mental masturbation as much as they want. Let them assume as much as they want. Let them prop up their own estimation of themselves. Let them feel good knowing that they are so all-knowing. That they are well-connected. That they are well-informed. That they are at the cutting edge of most things. That they keep tabs on what they think will make them feel better than and superior to other people. The complacency. The laziness. The being a small fish in a small pond. The up and down cycle of feeling good on some days and feeling bad on some days.

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