13 Sep 2017

Winter landscapeI’ve dealt with a lot of team leaders in the past. But right now I have two specific team leaders I have in mind. These two team leaders have different approaches when an employee not under their guidance is talking to another employee that’s under their guidance. The first team leader will be sarcastic or extremely sarcastic in different ways to the employee from another team. The second team leader will tell the employee under his guidance to move to a different location when another employee from another team is talking with his minion. The sarcastic leader is incompetent and full of shit, while the leader who deals with the situation in a more subtle way is somehow competent.

I’ve encountered people say that sarcasm is directly correlated with how intelligent a person is. The first leader is very sarcastic, but he is neither intelligent nor wise. He is sneaky and vengeful. He tries really hard to project an aura of intelligence and wisdom, but fundamentally at the very core he is an incorrigible idiot. Nothing will save him from this. Not good food. Not experience. Not knowledge. Not old age. Not money. Not success.

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