14 Feb 2017


1. I read an advice for an INFJ like me to write using a pen and a paper instead of using a computer. Because using a computer will somehow in a subtle way activate my logical thinking. And of course I have easy access to infinite information by using the Internet.

I need to use a pen and paper according to this person because my “fucked up” handwriting is the best way to express myself. My creative self. But the problem using a pen and paper in my current situation is that I have to transfer and type my writings to my website. And that’s gonna take time. For now I will continue using my laptop to write. Because with a laptop it’s just type and edit. But with a pen and paper it’s gonna be write, type, and edit. And I can’t handle that right now. It’s too inconvenient. If writing using a pen and paper will maximize my creativity then I will do it. I’ll start doing it on my rest days first. If I feel that it’s better then that’s what I’ll do going forward.

2. I’ve already cut off all the previous people in my life that I’ve spent a lot of time with in the past. What more for people who I encounter in life who are there by default? It’s easier to cut them off. I’m not neurotic in cutting people off from my life. But there’s a point of no return. If it’s worth keeping, I’ll do my best to reconcile with them. But if it’s not, I’ll do my best to ignore them for the rest of my life. For me they are dead.

3. I might buy a small notebook that I can bring with me at work. So that I can write on it during my lunch break. Then I’m gonna post whatever I have written there here at my blog. I’m always interchanging website and blog, and blog and website am I not?

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