15 Feb 2015

1. I spent 3 hours typing and editing my essays, from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m., at an internet café. I’ll maintain it like this for now. Because I can’t justify paying ₱1,500 a month for my own internet connection at home when I’m just using it for about 20 hours a month. 20 hours times ₱15 per hour is just ₱300 a month. And then there’s a discount if you rent their computer for more than 1 hour. For 2 hours it’s ₱25. For 3 hours it’s ₱40. And so on. If I rent for 3 hours straight for 7 times a month, then that’s just ₱280 a month for 21 hours of use. Three hours straight, sitting at a cramped cubicle, is the most number of hours I can do. I’ll need a break away from the computer after that. I need to stand or walk. I need to stretch my body.

2. I don’t know if my clothes will be dry by 9 p.m. because it is very humid outside. I even have 2 dehumidifiers under my 2-meter clothes rack, which is inside my room, to expedite the process of drying. I don’t want to leave my clothes at the drying room, because it might get stolen. There are 48 units at this apartment building. I don’t want to waste my time dealing with all the tenants for some missing clothes. It is not worth my while. My peace of mind is more important.

3. If you’re not my type, no matter what cosmetics you use will not make me attracted to you. But if you’re my type, you’re beautiful when you’re sad, and you’re more beautiful when you’re happy. Whatever you wear will not lessen your attractiveness. It will only increase it. Sometimes overdoing it, and trying too hard does not improve your beauty. When I say you’re beautiful the way I see you right now, I really mean every word I say. Every part of you. Your hair. Your face. Your smile. Your body. Your scars. Your blemishes. Everything about you. And I’m not just saying it because I’m after sex. No! After riding you and eating you and making love all night with you, you’re still beautiful to me even if I’m already tired. You just need to give me a couple of days to recover my energy. And I’ll make love to you again.

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