15 Feb 2017


1. For every issue, there is a solution or there are different solutions. If I cannot go through it, I will go around it, under it, or over it. If I use brute force sometimes I may even go through it.

2. There was a person accusing me of using drugs because I’m always speaking in English. Fuck that person. She’s in her 20s or 30s and yet has nothing to show for it.

3. In my previous job, the management doesn’t require us to surrender a copy of our key (if it’s a standard padlock) or to provide the code to a combination padlock. They don’t recommend using a combination padlock. Even if they didn’t say that, I will never use a combination padlock. I feel like it’s not secure enough. Even if it’s a Yale or a Master combination padlock. They will force people who are using combination padlocks to use standard padlocks. Not too big. Not too small.

In my current job, the management is strict but at the same time complacent. Employees need to provide a copy of their key to their standard padlock or the code to their combination padlock. If someone is using a combination padlock, they don’t really care. They will not tell them to use a standard padlock. As long as they provide the code to their combination padlock then they’re good to go.

This is the motherfucking reason why I don’t leave anything important in my locker. The management may at any time open my locker and do whatever they want to do. This is one big, red flag for me.

There are even landlords who do the exact same thing. Lucky for me because in my previous apartment I’m the only one who has a copy to the keys to the standard doorknob and the deadbolt to my studio. The same goes with my current apartment. I immediately changed the default, shitty, low-quality doorknob to a silver Yale double cylinder deadbolt the first day I was in my new studio a little over two years ago. Peace of mind.

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