16 Aug 2017

1. Removed Google Analytics. I was checking if Google Analytics was faster via Thesis (adds 2 additional requests) or via Cloudflare Apps (adds 3 additonal requests). If I’m gonna use custom options (for example, using enhanced link attribution might be considered a custom option) in Google Analytics then the best way for me to implement Google Analytics is via Thesis or other methods. If it’s just Google Analytics with a regular setup and no customizations relative to tracking then maybe consider using Google Analytics via Cloudflare Apps if it’s faster than via Thesis. But for now I won’t be using Google Analytics.

2. Removed //www.google-analytics.com from WP Rocket > Settings > Preload > Prefetch DNS requests.

3. I didn’t made any changes to the Privacy Policy to reflect these changes because I’m not really sure which sections of the Privacy Policy I need to edit or delete. Maybe I don’t need to make any changes at all to the Privacy Policy because even after removing Google Analytics, I still have analytics in Cloudflare, and logs and statistics in cPanel.

4. Removed the Google Site Verification and the Bing Site Verification from Thesis. This verification method is using an alternate or secondary method, which is by adding a <meta> tag in the <head> section, before the first <body> section.

5. Successfully verified ownership of

  • https://www.bernardgo.com/
  • https://www.bernardgo.com/
  • https://bernardgo.com/
  • http://bernardgo.com/

in Google Search Console using the recommended method (HTML file upload).

6. Successfully verified ownership of www.bernardgo.com in Bing Webmaster Tools using option 1 (XML file upload).

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