17 Mar 2015

I was not feeling well last Sunday night, but I still went to work because I need to go to work. I cannot breathe properly for the last 2 weeks. I gave myself Bisolvon Forte 3 times a day. Pharmacists from Mercury Drug should already know that when a customer says Bisolvon Forte it means Bisolvon Forte; that is their 16 mg Bisolvon capsule. They don’t need to ask if it is a capsule or syrup. Since most of them are ignorant about this, I just say Bisolvon capsule. I also gave myself Robitussin, Strepsils, and Decolgen Forte. Just a little more effective. The mucus from my nasal cavity to my throat still won’t budge. It’s difficult to breathe, eat, drink, and speak properly.

After 1 hour and 45 minutes, I went to the clinic. They sent me home. Six times of going back and forth from the office to the clinic made me dizzy. I should have let the manager sign and print her name, not just a sign, because the nurse needs the full name of the manager for documentation. I handed over the paper to the moderator in a gentle manner. If I need to genuflect, I would. She got the paper from me with her left hand and transferred the paper from her right side to her left side with a smack of disrespect with her behavior and tone of voice.

I will not allow anyone to treat me like this. What did I do to her to be treated like this? I am not demanding other people to respect me. Respect is not demanded; it is earned. She could have treated me in a neutral way. I have observed how she relates with people whom we can consider as on the same position as hers. She treats them in a normal way. Not offensive at all. I have also observed how she converses with people higher up the ladder. She treats them with deference. It is not just respect, but courteous respect. Very polite and gracious. With fear and trembling.

I rode a jeep going to Medical City. If you assume a meek voice, the other person will assume a tyrannical voice.

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