17 Mar 2017


1. I’m two days behind in my writings. I’m just really tired. I can’t sleep. Insomnia. I’m so tired that I cannot sleep.

Maybe I’m partially frustrated and angry because last week different neighbors were singing loudly using rented videoke/karaoke machines. Fuck those motherfuckers. I’m playing the victim again. I need to stop this. What I can do is to not respond in a negative way. What constructive things can I do with my current situation? Well, they just reminded me to work hard and smart to be able to buy a studio at One Shangri-La Place or somewhere even better. Living in a subdivision is definitely not for me. There are always neighbors who are noisy. Noisy dogs. Noisy chickens. At least the cats are not noisy. Good for them. Some of those cats are really cute and chubby as well. I want to take care of one but I don’t want to because it will add more responsibility to my plate which is already full. I need to focus. Focus only on what is really important to me. Focus only on what is essential. Not to focus on things that won’t matter in the end. Not to focus on things that won’t mean that much a couple of years from now.

2. I had the intention of going to the tailor to have a new custom-made black pants made. But I was and am still tired. That is why I didn’t go earlier this morning. I should have gone there to have them measure my new pants. It takes about a week before my new pants is created. I’ll go there on my rest day. My current black pants really needs to be replaced. I badly need a new one immediately. As in immediately. But I need to wait for one more week from the day I place my order. That means I need to endure and persevere with my current black pants for about ten more days.

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