18 Nov 2014

I researched MaxCDN earlier today. It is expensive. For the lowest plan, it is ($7.50 × 12 months = $90) plus ($12.50 × 12 months = $150), for a grand total of $240 a year. The $90 is for the 100 GB bandwidth/mo for locations in North America and Europe. While the $150 will give me the Asia + Australia network. To get the Railgun advantage from CloudFlare, it will cost me $200/mo.

I am again reminded by Ken Rockwell’s experience about focusing too much on the gears, instead of the picture. In my case, I am focusing too much on website speed and performance, instead of my writings. I remembered something from FeedBlitz which distilled what I am supposed to do:

  1. Write great content.
  2. Share that content.

No matter how fast my website is right now, if I don’t write anything of value, then everything is for naught. GTmetrix.com gives me a consistent grade of 99% for Page Speed and YSlow. That’s fast! Pingdom Website Speed Test is also giving me consistent results at the 99th percentile from Amsterdam, Netherlands; Dallas, Texas, USA; and New York City, New York, USA.

Time to write.

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