19 Feb 2017


On playing the right and wrong game. Where one person is right and another person is wrong.

My contract of lease expired last November 2016. It needs to be renewed for another six months. I should have been given a new contract last year. I only received the new contract this month.

I procrastinated reading the contract for about two to three weeks. It was only earlier this morning that I read it. The contract of lease was three pages long. There are three identical copies of it. And another document was attached to these contracts.

Before handing over the contracts, I asked if I should sign each page. I have this hazy memory of signing each page before. Because I have done this before. But I’m not sure. That’s why I was asking.

What I did since I was not sure was I just signed the last page of each contract since there is a specific line there which needs my signature.

So after I asked if I need to sign each page, this person told me in a manner that I’m wrong. That “I need to sign each page.” Along the left center margin. Sign it vertically. On every first and second page except the third page. So I was not really wrong. She just need to tell me where I need to add additional signatures.

That’s exactly why I asked her in the first place if I should sign each page. Because I don’t want to give her the satisfaction in this game of who’s right and who’s wrong.

I didn’t say anything. I would let something slide if it’s not worth it. It’s not worth it. So I let it be. In retrospect I should have told her something. To make her aware that she was unaware.

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