19 Mar 2017


1. I encounter immature people who say something about drugs. I know that they are pertaining to me.

Just because I have a totally different personality than most people they have met in life they label me as someone using drugs. Just because I’m suffering from depression and insomnia. Fuck these motherfuckers. I could easily point out those people here. Take pictures of them and post it here. Make fun of them. These motherfuckers.

2. Now more than ever I need to keep on reminding myself to just focus and concentrate on what I know is right for me. Not on what other busybodies are saying. These busybodies keep on imposing themselves on me when I am not imposing myself on them. I only say no to their requests and I get negative feedback for doing so. Fuck that.

3. The water bottle from Universal Robina Corporation is not as good as the water bottle from The Coca-Cola Company.

4. If you are not already aware, I migrated BernardGo.com from StableHost to SiteGround last December 2016. But my account with StableHost is still active until September 2017. I have verified with them a couple of times that my annual billing cycle with them will automatically cancel this coming September 2017. I even received a cancellation confirmation the day I requested the cancellation. I always wanted to host my website with SiteGround since 2012 or 2013 but it was too expensive for me back then. And I was too lazy to research about SiteGround back then. It’s good to know that StableHost, even if it’s not my first option, is definitely a good web hosting company. I recently received emails from StableHost that they are migrating my data to a new server with a new approach in hosting. They call it StableHost Clusters. It means my data with them is always stable. Even if one server goes down, my website will be up and running again in seconds because of their Clusters.

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