20 Feb 2017


Fifty-nine days left before I can reapply to this company that I have been wanting to apply since last year. I don’t want to entertain thoughts that I might fail the final interview again. But that is definitely a possibility.

When I went there last year, the process was initial interview, language assessment, test drive, online exam, then final interview. I passed the first four tests except the final interview. I know the mistake I made during the final interview, and I have been preparing myself to make sure I don’t make the same mistake again. If I just didn’t make those mistakes I would be earning a lot more money than what I am earning right now. I would be able to buy new clothes. I would be able to buy the food I want to buy. I would be able to buy a new washing machine since my current washing machine’s spinner is broken for almost one year now. I know I can just let someone fix the spinner, but I want a more powerful engine for the washing machine itself, not just for the spinner. Life would be so much better than it currently is. There are so many things in my life I want to improve. I’ll be able to buy new books again, either from National Book Store or from Amazon. Some books I like are not available here in the Philippines. That’s why I need to order them from Amazon or from some other American online book sellers. I would be able to hit the recommended amount of potassium per day. I would be able to hit the recommended amount of protein per day. I would be able to buy things I need and want that would enhance my life. To support a better lifestyle of reading and writing. And maybe travel blogging and food blogging as well.

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