20 Mar 2017


1. How can I consistently replace bad habits with good habits? How can I consistently replace my bad habits with meditation? With introspection? With reading? With writing?

2. Why am I still disturbed when other people assumed that I’m stupid? I was already a good Roman Stoic when I was in second and third year college. But for some reason religion has been detrimental to my progression from being a good Roman Stoic to a great Roman Stoic. I need to create and dedicate a big chunk of my resources to develop my philosophy about my own life. Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius would help me in doing that. I already have their books that I bought from Amazon last 2014. Seneca would help me as well. Michel de Montaigne would help me as well. Musonius Rufus would help me as well. I really need to rekindle my love for philosophy and apply it again to my life. When will I start?

3. There are people who disrespect me unnecessarily. Why make my difficult life more difficult than it already is? Why are they doing it? I know I am my greatest enemy. But still.

4. I was not able to do the things I told myself I was going to do. Because I was very tired, depressed, and suicidal again. I’m not afraid of these people. I would be more than happy to witness their downfall. Schadenfreude.

5. I’m writing this post on 22 Mar 2017. I don’t know what to write anymore. What am I suppose to write?

6. There is this person I don’t see that much anymore. My projections about this person is still the same every time I see this person.

7. The last time I was bullied was when I was starting my first year in high school. I was physically and verbally bullied back then. Right now I am being verbally bullied. I need to do something about this immediately.

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